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Dr. Cook's story about Cape Hubbard
I didn't see it,...oh maybe I did see it,... ok I think I did see it...but I didn't have time to stop...had to rush off to the North Pole...

The Eskimos said they saw Peary's rock pile "cairn" at Cape Hubbard. Cook told them they did not see it (!) and that Peary had never been there.

This is very interesting because Cook says he passed Cape Hubbard. Initially he said he did not see the cairn. When provoked by reporters as to Peary's very visible rock pile he finally admitted that he saw it in the distance.

This admission outraged reporters because all explorers stop and retrieve the records stored at a cairn, then place in it their own record. This is how each would prove the others geographical achievement. But Cook not only did not do this but later claimed Peary had never been at Cape Hubbard. He did this in his book even though the Eskimos had seen the cairn, and Cook had even admitted to a reporter that he saw it but did not stop because he was in a hurry to reach the North Pole!

Years later the Cape Hubbard cairn was visited by another explorer who retrieved Peary's notes and thus settled the charge Cook made that Peary had never been there. This makes the comments of the Eskimos even more interesting because they were on record in 1909 stating "Cook says they did not see it. Said Peary had never been there." The point being that Cook not only lied about going to the North Pole but lied to the Eskimos about Peary, told the Eskimos to lie, lied to the Newspapers about the cairn, and even accused Peary of fraud by claiming Peary had never been to Cape Hubbard because Cook did not see his cairn!

This incident is a perfect example of the low character of Frederick Cook and the extremes of which he was capable.

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