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Free Dr. Crook photo—large size suitable for Halloween mask or a dart board target
The famous "Confession" magazine cover and the very first picture of Crook back in America after hiding for a year.
Notice the lack of bilateral symetry in Crook's face.
Criminology experts have studies this and produced an interesting 3-face image.
"... an article appearing over the signature of Dr. Cook in the January, 1911.. Hampton's Magazine, a confession by him that he did not know whether or not he had reached the pole was inserted in the article without his knowledge and approval. ...Dr. Cook, in interviews, fathered the very statement which he was attempting to repudiate; indeed, that he not only did not repudiate it, but that he expressed himself as in accord therewith.”
150 pixels wide / 600 pixels wide
200 pixels wide / Mask size: 600 pixels wide
Free PDF booklet! Congressman acusses Cook of "perverting American history."
  If you read this 26 page speech to Congress in 1915 you may wonder how Wally Herbert would ever dare to write  Noose of Laurels. Did Herbert try to "pervert American history", as Cook did? You decide.

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