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England came in second at both Poles
Now wants to return stolen North Pole!
" urban legend that Peary missed the Pole by 30-60 miles...what really happened was an aging Scottish writer made up a theory so his polar camping trip would make him a hero in the UK...he now sells paintings of himself 'discovering the North Pole' for $15,000... even though his theory has been proven false..."
Those Wacky Brits!
Queen Elizabeth, who knighted the little Scotsman Pole thief, now hopes to end years of international scorn with the planned return of Peary's Pole. Commencing in March, 2005 her chap named Tom Avery will haul the North Pole back by dog team to the USA on an authentic Peary style wood sledge. Barclays Capital will finance the North Pole recovery from Scotland and shipping back to the USA. Jolly good show! Hail Britannia! God save the Queen!
Scotsman Wally Herbert stole the North Pole with Noose of Laurels (1988), and assistance from the naive folks at the National Geographic Society. They didn't know he was a friend of the colossal fraud Frederick Cook's daughter! (Birds of a feather...) How did he do it? As the first person permitted to examine Peary's diary he simply lied about what it contained. Until we web published the entire diary he actually fooled millions of people! Clever chaps those Scots!
Misery, like history, Royally repeats itself. First the British hated South Pole discoverer Amundsen because he made it look too easy. Amundsen "cheated" by using dogs instead of men to pull his sledges. When Scott's starving, man-hauling team finally reached the Pole and found Amundsen's tent (he had been and gone) they claim it broke "their hearts". Thus demoralized they all died. Later on, Britain took to hating Peary as this was all his fault. Peary inspired Amundsen on how to be successful on a polar expedition; whilst Scott rejected Peary's use of dogs as demeaning to "man's best friend." Instead he employed his men as the dogs. Peary was further blamed because he did not let Scott beat him to the North Pole (???), and also because Peary's American expedition did not include the captain of Peary's ship; British subject Robert Bartlett. As ridiculous as all of this sounds, I have been assured by several people it is factual.
"South Pole Easy" says athlete Paul Landry on his first walk to 90 degrees South.

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