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Controversy Awards

Fred thinks he is cooler than 5.2

Fred thinks Yahoo has it completely wrong and should know that he really did climb Mt. McKinley, and he did walk to the North Pole, and his stock wasn't really a scam... was The Daily Bikini Site of The Day in early 2002.

However, due to a controversy our award was expurgated from the records. Apparently Dr. Crook was tipped off as site visitors began to arrive so he took the daily bikini babe from their site and with his digital forgery skills removed her top and bottom suit. This he pasted over the front page billboard with her pubic hair in Doc's face!

When emails alerted Dr. Crook that his site had been "hacked by someone" he wrote back thanking each person but explaining that "We fired the web person who did that. Wally Herbert does not work here anymore, I can assure you. But he changed the password and we cannot get access to that server. Sorry."

When employees of the Daily Bikini called Dr. Crook thanked them, explaining that he had the best IT professionals working on the problem.

In fact, after 6,000 visitor has seen Doc's digital handiwork the Daily removed the link.

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