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Cook librarian hires attorney
Wants lawyers to recall The Dishonorable Dr. Cook
In what may be the most ironic of all Dr. Cook squabbles, pro-Cook librarian Bryce is on the attack against the wealthy academic elite he feels have slighted him in a book that purported to "nail Cook's coffin shut" (even though Cook was cremated) by using the same historical facts and events found in Bryce's book!
Russell R. Robinson, February, 2002
Say's the Cook librarian: "The Dishonorable Dr. Cook not only appropriates the facts I outline, but the sequences of them, chooses the same facts I do for discussion or example and quotes the same sources..." (Isn't that why they call it history? V. R.)
Full text of story:

$20 Crook Book! Nails Cook's coffin shut with photos that show what Bryce tried to say.

Note: Ken Ringle interviewed Bryce in 1997

"...Robert M. Bryce has accused the director emeritus of the Boston Science Museum of lifting vast chunks of text, facts, syntax and even errors from Bryce's 1997 biography of polar explorers Robert Peary and Frederick Cook.

Bryce's attorneys have called on Seattle publisher the Mountaineers Books to halt distribution of "The Dishonorable Dr. Cook" by Bradford Washburn and Peter Cherici, published last fall, until the issue can be resolved....Bryce said the 192-page, unfootnoted volume not only appropriates research and writing from Bryce's 1997 book "Cook & Peary: The Polar Controversy, Resolved," but Washburn and Cherici never even mention Bryce's encyclopedic biography in the bibliography...."

Excerpt from:
Ken Ringle
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, February 4, 2002; Page C01

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