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Royal Geographical Society awards
North Pole medal to Peary in 1911
This team supply diagram clearly shows the logistical support that propelled Peary & Henson to the Pole. While everyone but the most radical racists agree Peary reached Bartlett's camp, there are still some who insist that after that Peary can not be trusted because his only witness was a Negro. There were Eskimos, of course, but they are considered sub-Negro and therefore of absolutely no consequence. The fact is that all of Peary's team were human beings and knew perfectly well that they went the distance. In fact, the Eskimos thought it was crazy as the Pole was only ice like all the other ice. They were happy because Matt & Bert were so excited and that they could finally go back to the safety of land, and to their families.
Peary had developed the tools, the teams, and the logistics to reach the Pole. Today this could be easily reenacted if only someone had the funds to pay for 24 men, 133 dogs, etc. to do it.  Then they would have to be outfitted in polar bear pants, caribou sleeping bags, walrus hide lashings, seal skin boots, etc. Assembling all of this in the middle of nowhere when it is 50 degrees below zero would be so difficult that you can appreciate why no one ever went back to the Pole the way Peary did. Today adventurers ski or trek one way, then fly home. Peary and Henson had to go the double distance, without a cell phone to call for a rescue helicopter.
Herbert tried to manipulate the reader with nothing more than easily disproved conspiracy theories and innuendo. His attempts to try and destroy Peary's credibility lack hard evidence. This remarkable photo, above, was actually discovered by the Navigation Foundation when they investigated the Peary matter. It is the abundance of such high quality evidence  that has ended all the traditional anti-     Peary debates that started with the vindictive book by polar fraud Dr. Cook.
The Royal Geographical Society of Great Britain had a different conclusion than Wally's when they examined Peary's records 75 years earlier
"...note that the Royal Geographical Society of Great Britain accorded Peary the highest honor within their power,... In conferring upon Peary ...the special gold medal of the society, President Darwin, son of the great scientist, Charles Darwin, extended to him, in the presence of its members, the fullest assurance of ... Commander Peary, as the first and only human being who has ever led a party of his fellow creatures to a pole of the earth...The proceedings may be found set out in full in the Geographical Journal of London for August, 1910, pages 129 to 148...Admiral Peary laid before the Royal Geographical Society additional proofs of his attainment of the pole and supplemental to those previously submitted. This was not done at their request, but voluntarily, that there might be no question hereafter as to the action of that world-famous organization being based upon adequate examination of Admiral Peary’s proofs. ... the Royal Geographical Society wrote Admiral Peary advising him that the documents he sent had been “most thoroughly and critically examined.” Both these letters are set out in full in the record of the proceedings before our congressional investigating committee..."

(Fess, 1915)

Herbert's book as revisionist history.
Wally Herbert is not an historian nor does he have any credentials as a history writer. While some thought his work was "well researched", such a remark could only be made by a person who never passed English Composition 101 in college. Anyone who has written a college term paper would not be impressed with Herbert's work. Many individuals spotted Herbert's self serving motive to make himself greater than the Arctic legend Robert E. Peary. It was just too obvious.
Charles mom, the Queen, knighted Wally for reaching the North Pole! But his book (Noose of Laurels) is based on lying about what was in the Peary diary! Hello? The Queen thereby invalidated the Royal Geographical Society which had awarded Peary the Gold Medal for discovery of the Pole in 1911. So it is not just Charles that may not have his head screwed on properly.
An even and informative tale about Camilla Parker-Bowles, a poor little rich girl who may someday get her prince. What we learn is that the upper class in the UK is alive and sick with its own moral code. Do what you want, just don't talk about it.
The "conspiracy theory" point of view may have been popular in the 1960's–1970's but it makes him seem paranoid to an unhealthy degree today. But far worse, his "theories" about ice drift and impossible traveling speed have been shown to be demonstrably incorrect. Herbert made serious errors as he did not have information as fundamental as the ocean floor depth map (left column) made from Peary's depth soundings. That fact alone tosses Herbert's theory out the window. The diary he examined? That was an egregious misrepresentations of an historical document. The Herbert description of it is just short of ridiculous. As a response, the entire Peary diary is being posted on the Internet so that anyone can examine it themselves and see through such nonsense as Herbert's interpretations. (June, 2002)

Herbert's biases & mistakes
1) "Many of the Bryce reviews (Cook & Peary) bow down to Herbert. One refers to him as a navigational expert. ...Herbert was not the navigator on his own trip and frankly admits he doesn't know anything about celestial navigation.

2) "...Herbert keeps harping on "proof" but ...when Wally got to the Pole (1969), they took some pictures holding flags, because, "what other proof could we offer?"

3) "...he is a conspiracy theorist...constantly looking for some ulterior motive. For example, and entire chapter entitled "The first day of dark."... What does first day of dark mean, Wally wonders? ... It must refer to some mood that came over Peary, because he knew he wasn't going to make the Pole, or even a farthest north, and would have to fake it. Buzzzzz. Wrong, Wally.

Anyone familiar with Peary's handwriting knows that he leaves the bottom of cursive s's open, so they look like cursive r's. ...first day of dash (handwriting) only looks like first day of dark. The diary starts on the first day of the final northward dash..." (text derived from Doug Davies)

Gil Grosvenor next
commissioned the Maryland based Navigation Foundation to do a formal investigation of the Peary record. Their report was a landmark work that fully vindicated Peary as they found ample proof of his correct position. They uncovered new evidence and used new techniques to authenticate photos. You may read their report for yourself on the Internet. It is irrefutable, although that hardly stops the die-hard anti-Peary crowd.

Despite the American repudiation of Noose of Laurels
, Wally Herbert was a hero back home in England. The Queen made him "Sir" Wally. Why? Well, this harkens back to an old wound the British people have about being polar losers with both the North and the South Pole. Their bunglers were Scott who killed himself with his entire polar party, and Shackelton who had a knack for repeated failure. English enmity towards Peary stems from the fact that 133 nautical miles before the Pole Peary went on with Henson, while Bartlett returned to land. Bartlett was a British subject. Get it? If Peary had taken Bartlett to the Pole, then the event would be shared by both nations. Instead Peary took his negro assistant so he would not have to share the victory with anyone. Negroes, like Eskimos and Indians, had no place in turn of the century white society. (Sorry, Matt.)



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