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Peary diary—a remarkable document
The Peary diary offers a glimpse into the mind of a brilliant individual who is the only person in history to accomplish the round trip polar dash. He had no chance of rescue, yet carefully recorded every detail without revealing his own fear. In his diary after the Pole, back on the Roosevelt, he recorded frequently waking up from the same nightmare—that he had fallen through the ice to drown in the frigid polar ocean. The point is that no one has ever gone back to the Pole without radio communication equipment to call in air rescue; something unknown in Peary's day.

The diary Peary kept on his way to the North Pole is now published on the Internet. The entire text has been transcribed from handwriting for the first time by Douglas R. Davies. Peary's diary is NOT what other (anti-Peary conspiracy) people have tried to make of it. It is a wonderful reaffirmation of the truth that Peary and Henson, with their 4 Eskimos went the distance in 1909. They absolutely reached the Pole and Peary fully knew it.

Russell R. Robinson, June, 2002

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