NEWS: Fitness author Fiennes fares favorably after near fatal fibrillation
Ironically, the man who claimed Henson didn't reach the Pole, who wrote a fitness book titled Fit For Life required heart bypass surgery to save his life. He is only 59! (Henson, by the way, lived to be 89 without ever reading Fiennes' advice on fitness). Perhaps the Fiennes book should be re-titled Fit For A Short Life? Fiennes, who failed to reach the North Pole despite many attempts and even froze off his finger tips the last time, claimed Peary & Henson never reached the Pole.
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"...I found the tone hectoring rather than motivational, as though I was being nagged by a rather hearty games teacher during a wet Wednesday afternoon on the rugby field."  [ review]
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Land Rover spokes person Fiennes is a travel writer yet constantly misidentified in the press by an old beer company line as "the world's greatest living explorer"—despite an obvious fact that he never explored any new land. Fiennes polarized Americans with his inappropriate comments when the Hubbard Medal was presented to Henson's great niece Audrey Mebane.

In addition to not reaching the North Pole, not truly being an explorer, there is also the myth that Fiennes discovered the "Lost City of Ubar". Fiennes was only a paid member of the Nicholas Clapp expedition that succeeded with ground penetrating radar scans from NASA. Despite all this Fiennes has a kind of cult following in England, best explained by the English love of royalty. How is Fiennes royal? He claims to be a direct descendant of Charlemagne, even though that was almost 50 generations back—something half of the population of Europe could probably assert just as well. But Fiennes cannot have children with his wife, so is he the end of the direct descendancy from Charlemagne? Well, no matter.

Fiennes has never apologized for his remarks that Hubbard Medal winner Henson never reached the North Pole. That is about as appropriate to Americans as telling British people that Robert Scott was a moron. videos

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