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Washburn nails Cook's coffin shut
even though cook was cremated
Photos shot 20 miles away from real summit of McKinley

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5 of 5 stars Brilliant! Long overdue!
Reviewer: Rusty Robinson from Mountain View, CA
Washburn is a thorough detective who leaves no doubt Cook was a fraud. His photography from airplanes, and the illustrations show the true scale of the mountains, peaks, glaciers, etc. surrounding McKinley. This makes it easy to understand why his companions back at camp immediately recognized Cook's claim as a lie. They knew he could not have covered all that distance, climbed that mother of all mountains, and then come back in so few days.

What fascinates me is how Cook got the public to believe it by working the media. His magazine stories and photos, books, lectures, all created the illusion that he had done something spectacular. But he had not! He only went camping ...

Washburn is a remarkable individual, a fine writer, and a photographer on a par with Ansel Adams. This work is a masterpiece from a mountaineering genius. It is too bad he had nothing more than Cook to use as a foil.

By the way - the publisher made a serious mistake using the smallest type font used for body text I have ever seen in a book. One could increase font size several points and still have generous margins. What were they thinking? This is tiny text! A flaw I'll try to overlook from this magnificent end to the Cook debate.

Denali : Deception, Defeat, & Triumph: To the Top of the Continent/Conquest of Mount McKinley/the Ascent of Denali
by Belmore Browne, Hudson Stuck, Frederick Albert Cook

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