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Guinness pub book
"...always on the lookout for good promotional ideas to bring the Guinness name to the public’s attention compiled what became The Guinness Book of Records. In 1955 it went to the top of the British bestseller lists by Christmas that same year."

An Irish beer company,
Guinness, created a "Book of Records" to settle pub(1) bets while promoting their brand of beer. Guinness named aristocrat Fiennes, for example, the "Worlds Greatest Living Explorer" even though he is not an explorer and says so in interviews. No other country on earth voted on this "record"—Guinness simply invented it! One has to remember that these are beer salesman, not qualified historians.

"...the author appears to have completely lost his hold on reality...352 glossy pages glossing over some of the atrocities of Britain's colonial period..argues for the virtues of colonial rule in India, and apartheid in South Africa...says that the money and technology the empire spread balanced out the evils committed in colonial Africa and parts of Asia and the Caribbean.
Once a world oppressor the "British Empire" has finally been contained on an island (upper right of map). England (see arrow) is a small island of Kings & Queens, Lords & Ladies, Barons & Baronesses, Counts & Countesses, Viscounts & Viscountesses, Marquess' & Marchionesses, Dukes & Duchess, Princes & Princesses, Gentlemen, Sirs, and commoners who live in manors, palaces, estates, and flats. They once ruled an imperial realm known as "The British Empire", upon which the sun never set. Britain sailed all over the globe spreading imperialism, mating with locals and giving them venereal diseases. They used Australia for a prison. But then the sun did set as local people woke up and killed the British to have freedom. America had to battle Britain twice; once during the Revolutionary War, then again during the War of 1812 when they burned down the White House. India had a hell of a time kicking the British out, until Ghandi united the people. Hong Kong was British ruled after they lost the Opium Wars (2). That was because the Queen wanted Chinese tea and porcelain. She wanted gold & diamonds, too, so Britain enslaved most of southern Africa (3).

(1) Pubs are where English people drink beer, toss darts, and boast about "Which British person is the greatest in the world", etc. [Page 1023, Miller Beer Book of Boasts]

(2) "During Britain's Imperial era, they expanded their trade world-wide and boasted the greatest Navy in the world. One of the goods they were selling was opium, ... Chinese attempted to disrupt this lucrative trade and declared war ...that Britain won. They forced China to concede the island of Hong Kong and into a 99 year lease..." [http://www.chinawestexchange.com/ChineseLesson/opium.htm]

(3) "...Anglo-Boer Wars of 1880-81 and 1899-1902. British forces prevailed in the conflict, and the republics were incorporated into the British Empire. In May 1910, the two republics and the British colonies of the Cape and Natal formed the Union of South Africa, a self-governing dominion of the British Empire. The Union's constitution kept all political power in the hands of whites. ...the South Africa Native National Congress ...goals were the elimination of restrictions based on color and the enfranchisement of and parliamentary representation for blacks. Despite these efforts, the government continued to pass laws limiting the rights and freedoms of blacks. [http://www.worldrover.com/history/south_africa_history.html]

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